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We are a 360° global studio working at the intersection of design, data and technology. We create extraordinary brand experiences that help companies connect with their audiences.


We are a success story that blossomed from adversity; after being unemployed our CEO and Founder took the reins of his future, with a lot of courage and few resources he undertook an idea that had been in his head for several years, and thus MUTO was born, once a software factory, and since then we have not stopped growing. First exporting to other countries, then understanding the dynamics of new technologies and digital media, we became a 360° Studio that co-manages with its clients the marketing, software and design strategies necessary to generate continuous growth.

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Corporate values

In our agency, our entire team fully identifies with our core values. We promote constant innovation, encouraging creativity and the search for disruptive solutions in the digital environment. We value the personal and professional development of our team, providing opportunities for growth and continuous training. We are governed by transparency in all our actions and relationships, maintaining an open and honest communication with our clients, collaborators and partners. We are actively committed to social responsibility, contributing to the well-being of the community and supporting relevant causes. Resource sustainability and care for the environment are fundamental aspects of our approach. We strive to adopt sustainable practices in our internal operations and promote digital solutions that minimize environmental impact. These values define and guide us in our daily work, ensuring that every project and every interaction is in line with our vision and mission, and generating a positive impact in all aspects of our activity.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with exceptionally agile, effective digital communication aimed at their target audience. We are committed to fully understand and meet their needs, through innovative strategies and cutting-edge digital solutions. We seek to establish solid and lasting relationships, generating a positive impact on the success and growth of our clients, as well as on the experience of all parties involved in their digital ecosystem.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading national and international Digital Studio, standing out for our ability to propose innovative campaigns, cutting-edge techniques and effective communication tools. We strive to fully satisfy our clients’ needs and continuously improve their processes, while maintaining a strong commitment to ethical, environmental and social values. We aim to be a reference in the digital industry, driving positive change and generating a significant impact on the success and sustainable development of our clients and their environment.

Based in Colombia. We have an excellent team that collaborates on complex problems, the composition of our team allows us to bring impactful value to our clients’ digital initiatives in unique and imaginative ways.

A creative teamto suit your needs.

A collective of strategists, creators and innovators.