Chat GPT: friend or foe of entrepreneurs?

It's up to you whether you make friends with Chat GPT and get the best out of it for your brand or set it aside, depriving yourself of its enormous advantages.
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Don’t worry! Our purpose is to bring you closer in a friendly and simple way to these new concepts that technology has made possible, so that you have arguments to support your decision regarding them.

Approach without fear, in this #Mutoverse you will be safe and you will learn to explore the great universe of technology.


  1. Aha, but what the fuck is Chat GPT?

Simple: Chat GPT is a weak Artificial Intelligence (AI) development. In other words, don’t expect it to perform complex tasks. Its mission is none other than to generate texts, automatic responses, translate and other related activities.

Unlike people, Chat GPT does not reason, it only executes actions.

  1. And what will it be useful for?

It is a very useful tool in these areas: customer service, generation of quality content, data analysis, automatic translations, among other things.

  • Customer service: Chat GPT will allow you to serve a large volume of customers automatically through chatbots (robots that simulate conversations) or automatic responses written correctly, i.e. without spelling or grammar errors.
  • Generate content: create quality, relevant texts that meet basic SEO requirements. You define the subject matter, Chat GPT will take care of the rest.
  • Chat GPT analyses and processes data: What a useful function for decision making. Everything we do on the internet generates metrics, this friend analyses and processes them so that you can develop better communication and marketing strategies.
  • Chat GPT is multilingual: If you want to reach international customers who are not fluent in Spanish, Chat GPT will be your translator of choice. Basically, you will be able to communicate with anyone located anywhere on the planet automatically and efficiently. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
  1. Mutoverso’s tip: create prototypes

Yes, Chat GPT has the ability to prototype products or services, allowing you to simulate different scenarios and evaluate which one will be the most viable.

The thought that we will be replaced is scary. However, much of the criticism of Artificial Intelligence and its various tools, including Chat GPT, is unfounded.

The Mutoverse we want is friendly to us and will allow us to get the best out of technology for our business and society.

We can accompany you through the process. All you have to do is contact us.