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We are proud to present our success story with “Inrealta Grupo Inmobiliario”, a leading real estate company in Puerto Rico with diverse business lines. Throughout more than 3 years of collaboration, we have provided comprehensive solutions for each of their areas, overcoming challenges and obtaining exceptional results.

For “Reality Institute of Real Estate (REIRE)”, our educational institution, we focused on designing and developing an attractive and functional website, as well as implementing a social media content strategy that has led to a significant increase in the number of applicants interested in becoming real estate brokers or salespeople.

In the case of “Reality Realty PSC”, the firm specialising in real estate in the Puerto Rico market, we have driven organic growth in all its social networks, especially highlighting the successful position of the Luxe brand within Reality Realty.

With “Reposubasta”, the online auction firm, we have implemented a digital marketing strategy that has generated great interest in commercial, residential and land properties at attractive discounts.

Además, nuestra colaboración con “Don Rafa Boutique Hotel and Residences”, un lugar con encanto de la década de 1950, abarcó desde el desarrollo del concepto hasta el lanzamiento del hotel. Hemos cuidado cada detalle para ofrecer una experiencia única y personalizada, lo que ha resultado en una cálida acogida por parte de los visitantes.

Challenge: Digital Real Estate Transformation

During our collaboration with “Inrealta Grupo Inmobiliario”, we faced several challenges that required innovative and strategic solutions. One of the main challenges was the need to capture the attention of a highly competitive audience in the Puerto Rican real estate market. In addition, adapting the company’s different business lines to the changing demands of the digital environment and establishing a strong online presence was a major challenge. We also faced the challenge of positioning “Reality Institute of Real Estate (REIRE)” as an educational institution of reference in the training of real estate brokers and salespeople in a constantly evolving market. Likewise, the creation and positioning of the Luxe brand within Reality Realty PSC required a carefully designed marketing strategy. On the other hand, the successful launch of the charming “Don Rafa Boutique Hotel and Residences” required meticulous work and personal attention to every detail to convey its essence and generate a unique experience for visitors. We faced these challenges with passion, creativity and dedication, always seeking to exceed the client’s expectations and achieve outstanding results.


To meet the challenges posed by “Inrealta Grupo Inmobiliario”, our agency provided comprehensive and highly effective solutions. We developed attractive and functional websites for each of the business lines, ensuring an online presence that captured the attention of their target audience. We implemented social media content strategies focused on generating organic growth and audience engagement, consolidating brand image and attracting new customers interested in real estate. For the Reality Institute of Real Estate (REIRE), we created a marketing campaign that significantly increased the number of aspiring real estate brokers and salespeople. We successfully positioned the Luxe brand within the Reality Realty PSC, highlighting it as an exclusive option for discerning buyers. In the case of “Reposubasta”, our digital marketing strategy generated an increase in demand for commercial, residential and land properties at attractive discounts. Furthermore, in the project of the charming “Don Rafa Boutique Hotel and Residences”, we made sure to offer an unforgettable experience through personalised attention and meticulously selected details. Our creative approach and tailor-made solutions have been key to the continued success of “Inrealta Grupo Inmobiliario” in a competitive and ever-changing market.


The solutions implemented by our agency have had a significant impact on the success and sustained growth of “Inrealta Grupo Inmobiliario”. Thanks to the optimised and attractive online presence that we have developed for each of its business lines, the company has experienced a notable increase in lead generation and conversions. The social media content strategy has driven organic audience growth, strengthening relationships with existing clients and attracting new prospects.

In the case of the Reality Institute of Real Estate (REIRE), the substantial increase in the number of people interested in training as real estate brokers or salespeople has positioned the institution as a benchmark in the education industry.

The successful positioning of the Luxe brand within Reality Realty PSC has attracted luxury buyers, increasing the volume of transactions and consolidating the company’s reputation in the premium segment.

The digital marketing strategy for “Reposubasta” has generated increased interest in online auctions, resulting in a significant increase in sales of commercial, residential and land properties at the best discounts in the market.

Finally, the successful launch and the unforgettable experience provided at “Don Rafa Boutique Hotel and Residences” have positioned the hotel as a unique and special destination in the hearts of visitors, generating positive reviews and recommendations that have driven the growth of the business.

Together, our solutions have led “Inrealta Grupo Inmobiliario” to stand out in a highly competitive market, strengthening its position as a leader in the real estate sector in Puerto Rico. We are proud to have been part of this success and remain committed to accompanying the company on its path to new achievements and opportunities.